Aj Gallant is the founder and designer of the FXE WRESTLING product. Aj has been in professional wrestling for over 25+ years himself...AJ started training to be a Pro wrestler back in 1996 and was training with a few local training schools in Orlando Fl. Then after realizing that he wasn't being taught "pieces of the puzzle" that were necessary to learn in Pro Wrestling Aj joined the WCW Power Plant. After being at the Power Plant for several months Aj had the opportunity to go and join the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy in San Antonio TX and his class with Shawn also had Brian Danielson, Brian Kendrick, Lance Cade, Matt Bentley. Paul London.. so definitely great first class.

Then after leaving and coming back to Orlando Aj worked for several local independence and many national independent wrestling companies as well as WWE and WCW shows.  But in his travels he always loved getting in the ring with new and beginning wrestlers doing little seminars and teaching the art of Pro wrestling. Thus why FXE WRESTLING ACADEMY WAS BORN.  FXE WRESTLING  ACADEMY was in business from 2004-Dec 2008 and was feature on the FOX Network 2 different times nation wide for having the #1 independent pro wrestling school in the country.

And also had a very successful local Wrestling show called CRUSH LIVE. Featuring all the new FXE TRAINED TALENT. from 2007-2008 ... now in 2022 we are re-launching the all new Academy and will be developing the new STARS of tomorrow and also bringing CRUSH LIVE back to life and FXE WRESTLING  will also have a weekly show on YouTube as well as CRUSH LIVE shows will be available and STREAMED NATION WIDE !! .. We have 1 saying at FXE WRESTLING... " SHUT UP AND BUMP" !!!