Scott is currently part of the National Wrestling Alliance as a referee, but he's been seen on TV before.  He had a brief spot in the original FXE Commercial, the news coverage of the school, Impact Wrestling as both a referee and on screen medical, and RAW and Smackdown as an extra as well as in screen medical. 

Scott has a background in medicine and athletic training that led him to Work as backstage medical for Impact! as well as other things like Cirque du Soleil.  Scott Wheeler is an FXE alum and FXE Original.  Scott trained as a referee at the FXE Academy as well. 

As working in the office of the original location in Orlando, FL.  Scott has deep roots with FXE, in fact the God Fathers for both his boys are former FXE Alum. While still being located in the Orlando area he does some functions for the office remotely.  He will be on-site from time to time helping with office duties or training in the ring