Cinque Terre

"The original FXE Pro Wrestling Academy opened in Orlando, Florida in 2004, founded by AJ Gallant. A student of the inaugural class at The Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy, Gallant made it his mission to pass along the knowledge bestowed upon him by one of professional wrestling's most prolific stars, thus quickly establishing FXE as one of the top pro wrestling training facilities in the country.

In merely four years of operation, the school received a plethora of media coverage including several nationwide features on Fox News as well as a prominent 5 page cover story in the Orlando Weekly publication. FXE went on to produce multiple graduates who would use their skills and tutelage to sign contracts with major wrestling promotions such as WWE, TNA/Impact Wrestling, and MLW among others before closing its doors in December of 2008. Aside from its weekly beginners and advanced training classes which frequently featured a multitude of guest trainers including the likes of Matt Bentley, Scott Hall, Hack Myers, Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble, Matt Morgan, Kip Gunn and the Dudley Boyz, the FXE Academy would eventually offer its students a platform to hone their skills in front of live audiences in the form of the immensely popular CRUSH Live events.

The legacy of the initial FXE Pro Wrestling Academy continues on through its many pupils who remain mainstays of the Florida independent wrestling scene, as well as those who have obtained nationwide exposure; such graduates include "Filthy" Tom Lawlor, currently signed to Major League Wrestling, and senior referee Scott Wheeler, currently seen on NWA Powerrr, a professional wrestling streaming television program produced by the National Wrestling Alliance.  Now, the next chapter in FXE is set to begin with the re-launch of the brand new FXE Wrestling Training & Performance Academy in 2022 emanating out of Nashville, TN! AJ Gallant, along with new partner Kailen Goddard, are excited to showcase a state-of-the-art facility to a brand new generation of pro wrestling hopefuls.

Under the guidance of  AJ GALLANT and former WWE, WCW, ROH, TNA, ECW star etc, etc ... and current AEW producer/agent, JERRY LYNN, as well as former WWE, NXT, TNA and current NWA star Tom Latimer, tomorrow's stars of the ring will be taught the art of professional wrestling the right way.  

By those who have made their living entertaining the masses on a worldwide stage. In addition to the weekly classes the new academy will offer, FXE will once again be producing its CRUSH Live events, now streaming nationwide; as well as a weekly YouTube program coming soon! Along with its head trainers, and the help of graduates of the original school, FXE looks to once again begin producing the squared circle stars of tomorrow while ingraining in them the motto: LIVE IT, LEARN IT, LOVE IT!"